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Hello all,

I'm new to Benzworld, and looking through many of the technical posts here, it seems that someone always has an answer that counts! I'm counting on this :D

I have a 2008 C350 W204 with the COMAND navigation upgrade.

Here's what happened:
A week or so ago, the LCD that flips up from the dash decided it would no longer display a video signal. I recall starting the car from a resting state of maybe 6 hours or so, and popping in my memory card to play some tunes. The LCD flipped open like it always does and displayed the starting screen and then onto the "Reading Memory Card..." screen. After a few minutes driving I smelled an electrical short and then realized that my LCD was black. I did the only thing I knew while driving - sent it back into the dash and back up again a few times to no avail.

I've looked through these forums, found some tech diagrams and enlisted some help to try and resolve the issue. After finding the fuse diagram in the toolbox kit, we went through fuse after fuse testing each one as it applied to the COMAND/Radio/Dashboard area. All the fuses look fine and the rest of the car seems to function without error.

When the LCD is flipped open, all the controls work just fine. After driving this car almost everyday, you get to know the menu's without looking. So I can navigate my music folders on my memory card, start phone calls, adjust all the menu items, as if the image was on the LCD, but the LCD itself shows nothing - not even a flicker.

Attached are images of the entire unit - this may be helpful for others in this same situation.

We've also tried the fuses on the back of the COMAND/LCD unit - they are in working order.

Any and all help would be hugely appreciated.



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