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2007 SL550 Driver Seat Removal Question

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My first time posting here. I have a 2007 SL550 and I need to remove the driver seat. It does not move at all. Controls underneath got wet. The seat is stuck in the rear position all the way back.
Does anyone have instructions on how to remove the driver seat? I know it is more difficult with the seat in this position but that's where it is. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
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Here's the WIS doc: front seat.pdf

I really doubt you are going to be able to get to the rear bolts with the seat all the way back, but if you have a low-profile Torx socket (like the Max Axess) you just might be able to do it if you can even get your hand back there.

Have you checked fuses? #27 on the driver's side SAM under the hood is for the power seat controller.
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