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2007 ml320 cdi ****HELP****

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hi everyone,

i have a 07 cdi that had VERY cloged air filters.well, i replaced them, found the rail pressure solinoid failed and replaced it. still in limp mode.

only codes im getting now are p1408 and p2015......PLEASE HELP!!

Ryan G.
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A 2007 ML with no warranty left or service center near by?
MY exact thoughts! With being an '07 model, have you already exceeded 50,000 miles on the odometer? If not, why in god's name are you dealing with this? If out of warranty, and having these issues/needs...there are many independent Mercedes workshops, that actually do have the OBD computers, if you don't want to, or cannot afford an authorised MBZ Centre. I don't think anyone on this Board man, can do for you, what you need done. Go to the dealer, or a MBZ workshop!

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2007 ML 320 cdi
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its out of waranty at 80,000 now. i went to school for this engine, but for jeep not MB. anyway, i found the problem was a bad rail sensor.the pcm supplies 5 volts to this but the return at idle was 4.23 volts (showing WAY too much rail pressure thus causing the limp mode to occur).one quik $180 fix :thumbsup:

thanks anyways !!
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