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This is my first post on your forum, please forgive me if this is the wrong thread - I didnt see a reference to the 320R.

I have been eyeing some 320's in my region for a couple months. I managed to get a super clean 2008 fully loaded 320 R CDI for $1500 Canadian because the engine was knocking badly. The diagnostics will begin on that this week.

Blue 2008

I have a Youtube video of the knocking. but I cant post it in my first post... can some one allow me to post that IRL ???

In the video you can see that the previous owner put roughly 6k on this motor after it was serviced and as you can see the right side of the turbo air intake manifold was not connected to the filter. I cant say when that came off but i know he was probably up in Northern Canada in the summer time so gravel roads, lots of dust and all that into a turbo sounds bad to me.... The filter box was also devoid of any bolts...he reported that as soon as it started to knock, he had it towed home and has not driven since. I suspect this motor is toast.

I have been advised to:

1) Check for injector knocking / black death etc as the source of the sound but its MUCH louder than the injector leaking videos I have I have doubt yet I will start here.

2) Pull the oil filter - cut it open and look for the signs of metal in the filter.

Can any of you suggest any other diagnostics aside from what I have been told above ? I intend to do this part myself or find a buddy to assist.

White 2007

This motor pulls like a bull. It felt like my Dodge 3.0 liter fiat Diesel truck! However, the rest of the car is trashed due to a theft and it needs brake rotors - a rear suspension air lift system replacement / repair and numerous internal repairs and after that is done the body is damaged in some way on every part of the assuming the clean vehicle needs a motor - this is a likely donor.

Before I purchased these two I called two Merc service centers and compared the vins and parts - both dealers confirmed they are a match aside form color.

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