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Hello all,

I had a few quick questions for the in-house experts. I have been a loyal BMW 5 series guy for the past 10 years or so. However the recent issues with the HPFP on the 535s and the run flat tire issues with the sports packages have convinced me it might be time to try an e350.

I went and drove an e350 over the weekend and was somewhat pleasantly surprised. While the low-end torque did not seem as powerful as the 530i, it certainly had sufficient power when you press down hard on the gas. Originally I had contemplated an e550 but due to all of the city driving I do I figured it really wasn’t worth it.

1. What is the deal with premium 1 and Bluetooth? I was told I had to purchase a separate puck for around $500 in order to enable the Bluetooth?
2. Any reliability / engine / known problems for the 07 e350?
3. What option packages do I want besides the prem 1? I was thinking that I definitely wanted the xenon lights (which apparently are p2 package or also as standalone). How is the sport package? Also I was told that the voice input was another option?
5. What is a fair price for a 2007 w/ 28k miles? I was able to negotiate down to $28.5k on the car. Also was offered ability to pre-own certify the car for an extra $2500. I know this $2500 certify is a MSRP… is there usually any room to negotiate on this?
6. Any difference between the 2008 and 2007? I was considering paying up for a 2008 vs. paying the $2500 to certify the car

Really appreciate the insights and look forward to joining the club.

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I'm know the canadian models so I will let others comment on options packages. The best is for you to download the 07/08 brochures. I would stay away from the 550 simply because it came with the Airmatic suspension. Read the posts, this is highly undesirable. The maintenance costs and hassle do not justify the benefits.

1) In 2007, cars were not prewired to receive the puck. In Canada, they were in 2008. The prewire also provides linguatronic which is the voice recognition. If you have pre-wiring, then you can buy the blutooth puck for 400$ or even less. If you don't, then you can buy 3rdparty seamless solutions for 900$ or less.

2) All e350/e500 engines have a known material defect on the camshaft sprocket. This might lead to wear of the sprocket and replacement. A 5-6k$ job. I've heard from a mercedes tech that in all cases, it has failed under warranty or never failed. Some posts here show some poeple that had the failure post warranty. Problem is fixed starting on e350 engines serial number 2729..30 468993. When you shop for cars, ask to see the datacard or run the VINs at this web site to find the engine s/n. Mercedes-Benz Club Russia | Mercedes-Benz / VIN Just make sure you get some warranty. This was fixed in 2007, so 08 models are probably safe.

3) Especially since you're coming from the 5 series, the sports pkg is a must. It was a free option so most cars have it. It has a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, the dark wood trims, and a nicer rear end. In Canada, once you had the premium pkg, that's all you needed. It came with nav, parktronic, rear sunshade, rear heated seats. IMHO, the pano roof is also one of the nicest feature of this car. It gives a sportier look and is very pleasant for passengers.

4) Nice but depends on your taste. You will see the dual tone finish with white inserts on doors and seats, and black roof lining.

Good luck. I did chose the E350 over a 530 because it felt it was a better car, with a much nicer interior. I do admit that the 5 series is more fun to drive, the the E is a better package overall.
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