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Hi Guys,

This info is probably elsewhere, but I thought I'd record it for those that it may help.

I figured out how to open the remote and soldered up the surface mount switch - presto all working.

I watched the video here to find how to open the key. BTW, this is sort of a blink and you miss it video. The tip is that once you have the metal key out of the plastic one, you use that to press the white button inside the black key and pull up.

Once you have the battery section removed, you still have to get the PCB out. I used a small flathead jewelers screwdriver to remove it. There are small holes in the green PCB where the legs of the white plastic spacer are inserted. Those holes are strong enough to pull the PCB out if you jam the corner of the screwdriver into them.

If you manage to get it out it looks like this:

Then just solder on your loose switch and reassemble.

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