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I've just replaced the 7g tiptronic steering wheel (the one with Buttons on the back - PN A171 460 22 03 9e37) from my 2006 SLK55 with the 2007 version that has the paddles. I have no need for the original steering wheel and would like to offer it up for sale, please be aware this is the wheel only, the airbag and radio/phone buttons are not included.

The wheel is in very good condition and only has 19K miles driven with it. I've kept very good care of it and the leather has been conditioned and the car has been kept under cover so the wheel shows almost no signs of age or wear. I'm not sure what a good price is but I'm asking $550 plus shipping, I believe if you were to buy this new the cheapest you'll get it is around $1800USD ... over $2000USD if you get it from a dealer so I think this is fair for a wheel in very good condition. If you have a different offer I'll listen but no promises, I'm in no hurry to sell it if it's not the right price.

I've posted pictures so you can see that it is in perfect condition. Any questions or comments I welcome them.


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