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Hi All

I bought a 2006 SL 2 weeks ago in Miami, apparently it had just been serviced in at MB dealer

Within a day I noticed that sometimes when hot, the revs would drop from 2000 to 1500 causing the car to jerk.

Then a warning message came on to reduce oil level, I was stunned to learn MB had overfilled it.

Took if back to the dealer I bought it from and he could not replicate the problem, he arranged for me to take it to MB the next week to have excess oil removed.

Drove it to orlando, same problem but got worse, then check engine light came on, then VISIT WORKSHOP. Drove straight to car parts store and bought a pump, removed a pint from oil filter with engine running, plus a bit more escaped. Next morning check engine light had gone out car seem OK until half way back then would not go over 2000rpm without dropping back to 1500

to it to MB miami, who said it was auxilliary battery (????), replaced it. Same problem

today check engine light came on again and it would not go higher than 4th gear, same rev dropping problem

I read lots here about the CPS so I replaced with new one today but it made no difference.

Can overfilling the oil cause these problems or is it just coincidence (as MB mechanics claim)

taking it back to them Monday, in the meantime, any suggestions on what else this could be would be greatly appreciated, is it likely to be sensor/ecu related rather than transmission itself? I hope so as it was very intermittent at first.

thanks for any advice

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