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2006 S65 vs 2007 S550

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Which should I buy? I like the power of the S65 but I'm afraid the repairs and maintenance requirements will spoil the fun.

I also like all the new gadgets available in the S550 plus it may have all the power one needs.

I know only I can decide, but I am hoping someone else has thought this thur and may have more info than I do?

What would you buy??????
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I think if you do some reading you will find that engine failure is the least of concerns for amg or really any type of engines that mercedes makes. That said the past failures I've seen are always related to engine electronics from the evil Bosch folks. But maybe given the hammering mercedes got in the early part of the decade about quality control and their acknowledgment that "it's the electronics stupid" then maybe they've gotten the electronic suppliers in order. Certainly my dealer has told me there just hasn't been any issues with the w221.
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