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2006 CLK 350 won't turn over

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help me. Got a 2006 CLK 350 with only 27000 KM. today try to start no sound. Check battery and it is fine and I replaced the battery any way and still the same problem. Try to hook up the scanner and it keep saying turn on the ignition and the key is in position 2 already. Is that mean the ignition switch is bad? When I try to start the vehicle, the engine doesn’t turn over and when the key is in position 2 my engine fan run super fast and loud. Anyone have experience with this kind of problem?? Thanks...
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It's hard to believe that two modules have died simultaneously...:confused:

Can you get a second opinion?
I've taken another look through the WIS. For the life of me, I cannot see any connection between cranking and the ME-SFI module...:confused:
I think it's DAS (Drive Authorization System) - EIS recognizes the key and thus releases the ignition switch, but when it talks to the ECU to verify the key code, it fails, so no start. I know that when the ECU is functional but the DAS communication fails, the engine will turn over and fire briefly, but then shut down.
The vehicle is in a European specialist shop and they tried the SAM module already but still no go. Now is waiting for the ME module to arrive. Their diagnostic show the two modules are at fault. The ME module is register to vehicle not just plug and play.
Finally got my vehicle back. It was the SAM unit and the ME unit. Cost me $4200 in total. I am very disappointed with Mercedes. Especially the newer model anything after 2003.
Good grief...:eek:

What gets me is that these modules are seemingly irrepairable.. What does MB do with the units that they remove from customers's cars?

I know that we live in a throwaway society these days.. but at those prices surely those modules must be repaired and recycled back into use.

Electronic parts do not 'wear out', although they might overheat and die because of poor design. Here it seems that a fault on one module has taken out another one. A very weird situation in my opinion, which should not happen.
I Spoke with Mercedes Canada and they said they will not do anything under warranty even though the vehicle only has 27000KM. I am looking to sell all of my Mercedes maybe buying BMW instead.
You will have the same if not more electrical gremlins with a BMW. I have a 3 series and recently did electric work de bugging gremlins for 3 days.
also trying to figure why and how when i put my on the diagnostic machine the car started with the machine plugged on once removed it does not start. we are sharing the same problem
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