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2006 CLK 350 won't turn over

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help me. Got a 2006 CLK 350 with only 27000 KM. today try to start no sound. Check battery and it is fine and I replaced the battery any way and still the same problem. Try to hook up the scanner and it keep saying turn on the ignition and the key is in position 2 already. Is that mean the ignition switch is bad? When I try to start the vehicle, the engine doesn’t turn over and when the key is in position 2 my engine fan run super fast and loud. Anyone have experience with this kind of problem?? Thanks...
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this is the first time it happen. just wonder if it was the ignition switch?? all dealer will not look at it until next week sometime and i need the vehicle soon..
every thing work up to when you turn key to pos 2 nothing happen other than the engine fan run very fast and loud. no clicking when you start the car no relay sound
i checked all fuses and also tried all other keys still the same problem. wonder if only dealer can fix it or other garage can fix it.
i will check the relay later. do you know where the ECU located? maybe there is a fuse inside the ECU??
I checked all fuses in 3 locations and they all fine. But why when use the scanner to scan and it keep saying turn on the ignition although it is on already. Looks like it is not getting power to the ignition and when it is in position 2 the engine fan runs like a jet and loud.
thanks keyhold. what is the EIS? and the fan is not running in a normal speed. it is super fast like a jet sound.
What make me think it is the EIS is i can’t hook up the scanner. It keeps saying turn on the ignition but my key already in position 2. I checked all fuses and they all fine and i also tested the relay and it work too.
I tried my W202 key and it doesn’t turn and the steering still lock. I am going to have it tow to the garage and have them look at. I will post the result and cost after i get them back.. Wish me luck.... and thanks all you guys
Finally got the answer from the shop and they said is the SAM unit and ME unit both units including labour is $4200.00 what a rip off .... this vehicle only have 27300KM and it need all this parts. All B/S....
The vehicle is in a European specialist shop and they tried the SAM module already but still no go. Now is waiting for the ME module to arrive. Their diagnostic show the two modules are at fault. The ME module is register to vehicle not just plug and play.
Finally got my vehicle back. It was the SAM unit and the ME unit. Cost me $4200 in total. I am very disappointed with Mercedes. Especially the newer model anything after 2003.
I Spoke with Mercedes Canada and they said they will not do anything under warranty even though the vehicle only has 27000KM. I am looking to sell all of my Mercedes maybe buying BMW instead.
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