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2006 CLK 350 won't turn over

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help me. Got a 2006 CLK 350 with only 27000 KM. today try to start no sound. Check battery and it is fine and I replaced the battery any way and still the same problem. Try to hook up the scanner and it keep saying turn on the ignition and the key is in position 2 already. Is that mean the ignition switch is bad? When I try to start the vehicle, the engine doesn’t turn over and when the key is in position 2 my engine fan run super fast and loud. Anyone have experience with this kind of problem?? Thanks...
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OK - just to get this straight - the car is not even cranking, right?

a) you open the door and the interior light comes on?
b) you put the key into the ignition switch position 0, what happens? Do you hear the steering lock withdraw?
c) If yes, you turn the key to pos 1 and see a couple of panel lights come on (seat belt & brake)
d) If yes, you turn the key to pos 2 and the remaining instrument panel check lights come on.

Now you turn the key to the START position, and then what?

You may need a helper, but you should hear: e) starter relay click. f) starter solenoid click.

Come back & tell us if all this happens.
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every thing work up to when you turn key to pos 2 nothing happen other than the engine fan run very fast and loud. no clicking when you start the car no relay sound
So the key is allowed to move to the START position. That means that the Drive Authorization System (DAS) is working OK. Also it eliminates the EIS & your remote key from the problem.

Maybe the Start relay is toast? Do you know where it is?


Mok - care to complete your profile with User CP? It's what we do here.:)

About your 'ECU'. MB call this the ME-SFI control unit (N3/10) There is no fuse there.

Fuses are in several places (see the W209 forum Stickies for details) and some are located near N3/10, on the front SAM with fuse & relay module (N10/1). See WIS drawing below.

You will find both of these units located in the Module Box, up near the bulkhead under a waterproof cover. Make sure that it IS waterproof.

The START relay is fused by fuse f53 (15A) which is on this fusebox. That should be checked also.

If the START relay & fuse f53 are good, you may have a bad starter motor. They don't last forever...


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The engine electric fan will run as soon as relay N10/1 kR operates, producing circuit 87 (Engine power) with Ig switch in posn 3.

I don't think that the fan should run in posn 2 - but I could be wrong. So maybe the EIS is faulty after all....:confused:
It is the Electronic Ignition Switch control module. (N73) It consists of the switch and the electronic box of tricks together. See WIS drawing below:


It's hard to believe that two modules have died simultaneously...:confused:

Can you get a second opinion?
I've taken another look through the WIS. For the life of me, I cannot see any connection between cranking and the ME-SFI module...:confused:
Good grief...:eek:

What gets me is that these modules are seemingly irrepairable.. What does MB do with the units that they remove from customers's cars?

I know that we live in a throwaway society these days.. but at those prices surely those modules must be repaired and recycled back into use.

Electronic parts do not 'wear out', although they might overheat and die because of poor design. Here it seems that a fault on one module has taken out another one. A very weird situation in my opinion, which should not happen.
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