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2006 CLK 350 won't turn over

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help me. Got a 2006 CLK 350 with only 27000 KM. today try to start no sound. Check battery and it is fine and I replaced the battery any way and still the same problem. Try to hook up the scanner and it keep saying turn on the ignition and the key is in position 2 already. Is that mean the ignition switch is bad? When I try to start the vehicle, the engine doesn’t turn over and when the key is in position 2 my engine fan run super fast and loud. Anyone have experience with this kind of problem?? Thanks...
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Were there any symptoms before the car stopped running? On this one I would go to the mb shop and have them hook up the factory electronic diagnosis. They could pin down the exact problem.
You will have the same if not more electrical gremlins with a BMW. I have a 3 series and recently did electric work de bugging gremlins for 3 days.
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