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2006 CLK 350 won't turn over

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help me. Got a 2006 CLK 350 with only 27000 KM. today try to start no sound. Check battery and it is fine and I replaced the battery any way and still the same problem. Try to hook up the scanner and it keep saying turn on the ignition and the key is in position 2 already. Is that mean the ignition switch is bad? When I try to start the vehicle, the engine doesn’t turn over and when the key is in position 2 my engine fan run super fast and loud. Anyone have experience with this kind of problem?? Thanks...
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That sounds like a problem with the ECU. I'd start by checking fuses.
The engine electric fan will run as soon as relay N10/1 kR operates, producing circuit 87 (Engine power) with Ig switch in posn 3.

I don't think that the fan should run in posn 2 - but I could be wrong. So maybe the EIS is faulty after all....:confused:
That's what I was thinking. I seem to recall someone here (or may MBWORLD) had the same problem and it was a defective ECU. Also, there was another thread with a starting problem that ended up being a blown fuse. I can't remember the situation or the fuse number, but it was engine electronics related.
Do you have another SmartKey for another car (MBZ or Chrysler)? If so, try it - if the ignition switch rotates with the wrong key, then yes, it's the EIS. If not, and it only responds to the proper key, then it's not the EIS because in that case DAS is working properly and it won't work if the EIS is defective.
I think it's DAS (Drive Authorization System) - EIS recognizes the key and thus releases the ignition switch, but when it talks to the ECU to verify the key code, it fails, so no start. I know that when the ECU is functional but the DAS communication fails, the engine will turn over and fire briefly, but then shut down.
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