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2006 C55 front bumper cover

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My C55 needs a front bumper cover. Parts reclamation places list part numbers for 203's and c55's as 204 885 58 25 ( the 58 varies among numbers given). I have had mine off and the part number is 209 885 22 25. Two questions: 1) is the 209 correct for a C55 and 2) what is the 22 indicating? Some information says it indicates a modification status or variant.
Thank you for any assistance.
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I can't answer specifically ,,but the C55 essentially has a CLK w209 front end and if a 209 part came off ,,that is what I would use..
Variants may have or not have , lamp washers and or parktronic sensors...
Bumper covers can be repaired if they are not totally smashed...I repaired two big cracks on mine ,,much cheaper than replacing it..
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I guess if a whole section is missing a repair would be very difficult to get a good result.
Probably a new or used part would be best.
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