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2006 C230 M272 Exhaust leak?

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My 2006 C230 M272 is having trouble like you can hear in the video. I suspect that is exhaust leak but I am not sure. Does anyone have this problem before or have any idea about this noise which can be heard from the right side of the engine.
Moreover, when I drove on hwy or turn the AC maximum which put more load on the engine, it suddenly stall and the CEL came on which showed "Cylinder 1 or 2 or 3 misfires" but it automatically came off when I stopped, turn the engine off and on again. Anyone have any ideas, please help me. I appreciate those!

Thank you so much!

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That does not sound like an exhaust leak to me. It could be a bad valve. I'd get a mechanics stethoscope and trace the source.
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