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2005 SLK350, Launch Model
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Hi. I’ve had my SLK since 2007. Manual Transmission. Second owner. Bought from the dealership in Colorado Springs. It lived in California for a while but now is in the Caymans. It’s got very low mileage and drives like new. I LOVE my car.

The Launch model is rare. I’d like to know how many were made altogether and where they went. I read somewhere that only 1000 came to the US, or maybe that was to North America? Even my MB dealership doesn’t know anything about this special edition and couldn’t find a replacement rear view mirror…

Anyone with detailed information about this model’s history or any other details, please share. Anything from MB? Old marketing publications? I want to build a file.

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Welcome to the forum Launch SLK,

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Moving this to the R171 forum.
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