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2005 SL55 AMG
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Hello all, I'm going to replace the head unit in my 2005 SL55 AMG with a Kenwood DNN770HD or (more likely) a DDX990HD head unit.

I would like to retain the stock speakers for now.

Thanks to the navtv . com interface module swapping the head unit in my car is now easier than ever.

I have been wondering lately - how is the stock amp? If I'm swapping the head unit maybe it's also worth swapping the amp for a better unit? Is it worth going this route if I keep the stock speakers or, will the speakers be the limiting factor in performance?

The MOST Interface Module is about $600. I figure if I swap both head unit and amp this would negate the need for the interface module and I could put the $600 towards a good amp.

Any opinions either way?


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