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I noticed that my SL500 top started opening automatically (this is a pretty consistent issue.. basically anytime I start the car)... when I start the car an wait maybe 30sec the top starts the opening cycle by itself. It will sometimes stop mid process but does complete once I use the button. Sometimes it will stop again and I have to release and hold the button again. I also noticed that once the top is down that the windows won't go down but will after a couple of attempts or after 30 seconds or so. I can keep this from happening by opening the cover in the trunk so as to keep the switch/sensor from being pressed.

Just and FYI, I have also found that when I use the button to open the top it will sometimes hesitates sand stop.. but will continue the process when I release and then press the button again. I have also noticed the the wind breaker partition will has time not function but try it again 5 min later and it opens and closes. Thinking this may be a bad switch? Any input would be appreciated.

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I'm with Bob, it sounds like you may have SmartTop module installed and it's malfunctioning. To see if you do have a SmartTop module, try putting it int programming mode:

"To activate the programming mode, turn the ignition "half" on (Important! Accessory Position), then select the AUDIO screen and turn the radio off. The screen should read "AUDIO OFF". Press and hold the hangup button (1) until both green arrows light up, then let go. The module now shows the firmware version and the functions and settings in the cluster display (4)."

If this works, then you have one. If not, then you don't, and in that case, it's either a bad switch or bad vario roof control module.
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