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I replaced the pads yesterday and beforehand I had great brakes but I a malfunction warning that the pads were low. I didn’t crack any lines open and just compressed the pistons to make room. Rotors were good.

no issues found during the pad install but after the fact the pedal was very soft. After pressing 2 times the pedal would go back to firm, but if held pressure the pedal would sink to the floor board. Brakes still have enough pressure to stop but definitely a very very soft pedal.

I bled the brakes today and no air was found.

my concern is when I compressed the pistons and shoved fluid back into the master did it cause an internal seal failure and I need a new master.

Or do I just somehow need to engage the abs pump a few times for some reason to reset everything? Is there a simple way to engage the pump without some emergency stops?

thanks in advance
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