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2005 E55 Komp

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I posted in the w210 thread and meant to place it here. I had just sold my c320 sport 4matic sedan, a month following the sale. I found this Gem, 2005 E55 Kompressor, White with the black top. It's so sweet when I open the sunroof! I love it so far
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took the beast out for the weekend

Grats man! welcome to the mad power club! My gf and I took the ride out for the first time last weekend. I wasn't sure if it was just me but everyone we came across wanted to race... I know the car looks sick but I was surprised so many people wanted to race. Do they not know how many horses and lbs of torque this car has? I did a first gear pull from 1 to 40 and my gf couldnt even turn her head to tell me to slow down. I got the stare of death, I saw it in her pale face as I ease the pedal and and slowed down. If you have the funds and the opportunity. I would definitely recommend this smooth ride. Sadly the snow and rain is starting to begin here in Denver, I'll wait until the spring until I can let the beast wake up from her hibernation :D
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