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2005 CLK500 some of issues. Please advise!

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Hi, I just bought 2005 CLK500 convertible.(W113 engine) I have 2 issues cuurently that I need your help & advise. The first issue, engine won't crank at first attemp but 2nd or 3rd attempt it runs without any issues. I am suspecting crankshaft sensor because, battery and spark plugs has changed a year ago. What can be cause of that issue? Btw, there is NO engine light and code on the dash.

The 2nd issue, when I started it, there is clicking noise coming from command unit or A/C control unit area. It nocking at least 1 minute or so and when I shut off the engine also that sounds come again.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Are you saying that the engine does not CRANK until the 2nd or 3rd try, or that it doesn't FIRE? There is a difference.

As far as the clicking noise, plan on removing the dash to fix the problem. I wrote a guide on this recently.

I mean doesn’t fire.
Not firing until the second or third try could be a fuel supply issue. Check fuel pressure at the rail via the schraeder valve.
Possible clogged fuel filter ,bad fuel pump and or clogged /bad fuel injectors.

Clicking noise is due to a broken stepper motor linkage in the heater/ac ventilation system.
As a way to prevent it , try running the system with the activated charcoal filter selected at all times.
As Tony says , the way to fix it properly is to replace the broken parts .
For clicking noise, Is it possible to reach that stepper motor via removing the air condition vent on the center console?
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