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My C320 (140k) was ratteling and I narrowed the noise down to the belt tensioner shock. I called the dealer to get the part, gave them my VIN and they said that my model didn't have a belt tensioner shock. I was a bit "shocked" because I clearly could see it attached to my tensioner.

I found a part number on my old one and ordered the same one - when I went to put it back in - I was putting so much pressure on the tensioner to get my new belt on that the tensioner snapped.

I bought a new belt tensioner and the new one does not have the threads to screw in the new shock so I just put everything back w/o the shock and it runs fine.

If it really wasn't suppose to have one - why did it have one on? I didn't buy the car new but could someone of put one on during a service?

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I think the only thing you may encounter is belt squeal (and possibly early belt wear) as you downshift. The shock dampens the "shock" on the belt when you downshift to engine brake.
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