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2004 Wagon - 4Matic front wheel bearings

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I am told that my front bearings need replacement soon. Looking at online parts sources I see RWD models have inner and outer bearing pressed into hub, while 4matic shows just one wider, non-tapered wheel bearing per side? Is this an easier job for 4matic or about same as RWD models? Anyone try the whole assembly with new hub and bearing pressed into place? I would think that by looking at the 4Matic bearings it is an easier job to get them out but don't know how much work is involved in getting to the bearings with 4Matic... am thinking of trying the hub and bearing route... do these part numbers look right?

bearing 220-330-00-51
hub and bearing 220-337-00-45

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Thanks - I only have Mac OS X operating systems so I can't get it to work right now. Have read here before that PC is needed.
The bearing is quite easy on the front of the 4matics. You will not need the hub.
The bearing is under $100 at BEARING | Genuine Mercedes-Benz | 220-330-00-51.
They have free shipping right now.

You will also need the axle bolt which is a one time use bolt and is about $16-20. It is torqued to a specific rate and then turned tight an additional 90º.
So seeing that it is a very large stretch bolt you must bet a new bolt.
Once the hub is off the clip is removed from the bearing and then a press is used. Total time for me using the shop was about an hour.

Also it is very very rare for both front bearings to go bad at the same time. I would only replace each side as needed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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