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2004 E320 Wagon Sport Edition
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On Friday morning after car sitting in garage for a day and a half, my husband noticed rear passenger side low in rear. He drove it up to our local indy MB repair shop & owner was pretty sure it needed a strut however he told him to leave while he put it on diagnostic machine for an hour or so.

When we came back to pick it up it had re-pressurized and he cleared all these weird faults that had shown up in the diagnostic which had possibly been caused by prior issues when car had been at dealer. Car just went out if warranty about a year ago & service D & recent repairs were done at dealer.

Also owner told us it is very unusual for a strut to go bad in W211 with only 51,000 miles. He told us to drive it & watch it & see what happens.

It was fine rest of day Friday & Saturday morning. But again car sat in garage until this morning. When My husband went to leave for work, t was low again but as soon as he started driving & got to work, it was OK.

Called the owner back & he said we'd need to drop the car off fir a few days for him to leave it on the diagnostic machine.

He said car is OK to drive until we can leave it for a few days.

He said replacing the strut is major job. About $700 for the part & will be a lot of labor.

Is this just something that can go bad?

Is there something else that may be wrong?

Any thoughts about this?

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