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Hi all,

I was having some alarm issues with my car a few weeks back, and I replaced the fuses and all seemed to be ok. Last night (Thursday May 22, 2008) when I got home, I closed the doors and hit the lock button on my remote and the alarm started going off and the lights were flashing. I had to hit the panic button to get the alarm to stop sounding. However, the lights would continue to flash until I opened the door and put the key in the switch. I went thru this several times last night and this morning. Same scenario.

My car is a 2004 CLK-320 and only has 32,000 miles or so on it, however, the warranty expired on 2-28-2008. I am looking for a new one this holiday weekend, however, I will have to wait the 30 days before it kicks in to take it to the dealership

Can anyone tell me how to disable the alarm on a 2004 CLK-320?? I have read some various examples and I think the if I pull back the carpeting on the drivers side floor there should be a box labled "becker" which I will need to disconnect. Can anyone please confirm or deny that for me or expand on that?? Or suggest an alternative way to disable the alarm. Currently, I have to use the valet key to lock the car without the alarm going off. Any help, pictures, diagrams, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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