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Hi all

I have a 2004 CLK 270 cdi automatic

A while ago, my car lost all power, as if the turbo wasn't working. I could hear a wooshing noise when revving, and upon further investigation, I found the intercooler to have an oil leak and the mountings round the plastic cap to have spread, so I put a new one on, and low and behold, still no power. I have no ramp at home, so being a mechanic, I had the embarrassment of taking it to a local garage for them to diagnose. They told me I had a blow on the exhaust, a leak on the intake manifold and the vanes in the turbo were sticking. So, I ordered a brand new inlet manifold, a reconditioned turbo, and set about the monumental job of fitting both. After much swearing due to the rear metal coolant pipe having to be removed to replace the inlet manifold, the job itself was a success. However, when driving back from the garage that I had hired the ramp at to do the work, the car still had no power and struggled to get above 30mph on a slight incline. I also had a coolant level warning coming on the dash board, even though the level was absolutely fine. Car wasn't boosting at all. After some further investigation, I decided to disconnect the cat at the turbo, and hey presto, all power was resumed. So, I then set about clearing out both cats. After that, the car has been unbelievable. The difference is unreal in terms of power. This leads me onto a new issue which I'm not sure could be linked or not. Last night, the car lost power and wouldn't change gear. In first gear it would fly off the mark, then once in second gear, wouldn't rev and struggled to get above 30mph. I stopped the car and the dashboard gave me two separate messages relating to coolant level. So, I loosened the expansion tank cap and the cooling system was boiling up. After it settled, I topped it up, and away she went, back to normal, but the temperature gauge was running considerably higher than normal. I got back home after a couple of stops to top up the coolant, left it to settle overnight, and went back to it this morning. The coolant level is absolutely perfect, hasn't dropped at all over night. Upon start up, I heard a swooshing coming from the cooling system, only for a couple of seconds, then it stopped. I removed the expansion tank cap to see if the system was pressurising, in the hope it wasn't engine combustion causing the pressurisation indicating a head fault or head gasket, but it was absolutely fine. I have noticed that the cooling fan is permanently running, on slow speed, which I haven't noticed before. The top and bottom hoses are both getting warm, so I assume the thermostat is working ok, unless it is partial failure of the thermostat. I also assume that the water pump is working ok. Now, I know that overheating a diesel is pretty rare. When replacing the inlet manifold, I have to remove the fuel cooler, and the rear metal coolant pipe which is bolted directly to the head. Is it possible that I have managed to get an air lock in the system. I will add that I have done several relatively long journeys since replacing all these parts and apart from the coolant level warning, it has been fine. I just wonder whether the air lock has finally emerged and is now clear or whether there could be another issue. This morning it hasn't over heated, but I haven't been very far in it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, just so I don't go replacing parts I don't need to.
Thanks all
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