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2003 SL55

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I am looking at a 2003 sl55 with pano with 40,000 miles. What would be a good price it is in excellent condition? Any major issues with the 2003 year.
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I did that. No major problems. I would say to have a MB dealer do a certified pre owned inspection and see what trouble it has or what it needs. Could save you 1000$ to 20,000$
Or you could just take a chance.
the certified preowned inspection, is what they do on a car they take in on trade, and they take the inspection and fix every problem to make the car preowned certified warranteed.
if there is some expensive problem to fix they dont want to sell the car at a MB dealer, they wholesale it at auction.
if the certify it, then its warranteed to 100k mi.
so they know by this inspection everything it needs
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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