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I am happy to report that my 2003 SL55 is now limiter free! 200 MPH is now possible.

Thanks to Oliver at Speed Tuning and to Dino (IngenereAMG at www.M B W O R L for sharing his experiences with this mod.

Just placed the ECU back in service a few hours ago. Noticeably different off the line. Had K&N air filters installed per Oliver's suggestion. Soon as I can find the time and swap the tires for some Y rated Michelins I'm headed for Nevada.

I consider doing this almost as much a political statement as a performance mod. It has always annoyed the hell out of me that this car should be so handicapped by a "nanny state" bureaucrat. A simple warning that appropriate tires are required for 155+ would have been suffcient.

Off the floor 911's and Corvettes can exceeed 155, and it's really been a stone in my shoe that the AMG's couldn't do it as well because of a bit of software.

Anyway, dealing with Speed Tuning was great and I'm looking forward to my unrestricted ride.
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