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2003 SL500 antenna on an SLK 230k?

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I bought one of these short antennas off ebay.

It looks great as you see from the picture below but I do not beleive it could technicaly work. The part that actually connects to the radio (center post) is missing (see the pictures below) and I beleive the threads are simply holding it on. My reception with it is pretty much the same as if I had no antenna so be warned if you are thinking of buying one.

Since this one doesn't work I was wondering if a standard SL500 antenna cap would fit and work on an SLK. The connection looks identical. Has anyone tried it? Does the SL500 have the center post just like the SLK antenna?



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Palmateer, thanks. I found lots of information doing the search. So I know it will fit and reception will reduce.

The only thing I'm wondering now is if the SL antenna has the same post as the in the third picture above or is the post missing like in the second picture? I'm mainly curious if the reception will be better with the SL antenna instead of the one I'm currently using. The one I'm currently using is the same as no antenna at all.

charris, thanks for the info. So here's the critical question. Is the reception better with the SL antenna versus no antenna or is it the same?

My current antenna is the same as having nothing and I'm wondering if it is worth the $90 Smythe quoted to order one.

A good way to test it is to tune in a station that you get but with static without the antenna. Then while listening to the music screw on the antenna. If the reception improves the antenna is doing something. If there is no difference it isn't helping and is just for looks.

Great, thank you very much. That was exactly the information I was looking for.

If anyone has an obsidian black one I'd be happy to take it off your hands, othrwise I'll order one from the dealer.
That's probably because your antenna is in the rear bumper instead.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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