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2003 SL500 antenna on an SLK 230k?

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I bought one of these short antennas off ebay.

It looks great as you see from the picture below but I do not beleive it could technicaly work. The part that actually connects to the radio (center post) is missing (see the pictures below) and I beleive the threads are simply holding it on. My reception with it is pretty much the same as if I had no antenna so be warned if you are thinking of buying one.

Since this one doesn't work I was wondering if a standard SL500 antenna cap would fit and work on an SLK. The connection looks identical. Has anyone tried it? Does the SL500 have the center post just like the SLK antenna?



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I recently purchased a MB SL500 stubby from someone on the site. It fits perfectly and most importantly since it is only a cellphone antenna, my teleaid still works perfectly. FM radio reception works with local stations, but not as good as the stock antenna. The SL500 antenna also has a glossy finish and the antenna is somewhat dull, however it does not clash. I would highly recommend. My car is a 2004 SLK230 Special Edition. I think it was the perfect addition. Note: I keep my stock antenna under the drivers seat just in case I need it for some reason. A new SL500 antenna is about $60.
The very test you describe is one I did and yes the antenna does provide gain to the FM radio. I too made the mistake or ordering the null antenna and was quite disappointed. You will not be disapointed. Before spending the money, ask around to see if anyone has the SL500 OEM antenna for sale. I bought mine off this site and it was in new condition for $60. Something to be mindful of: I accidently unscrewed the antenna cable from inside the fender. I was able to put it back, it is just a little tough. There is a hex type bolt on the top of the antenna base; make sure that stay tight.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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