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2003 SL500 antenna on an SLK 230k?

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I bought one of these short antennas off ebay.

It looks great as you see from the picture below but I do not beleive it could technicaly work. The part that actually connects to the radio (center post) is missing (see the pictures below) and I beleive the threads are simply holding it on. My reception with it is pretty much the same as if I had no antenna so be warned if you are thinking of buying one.

Since this one doesn't work I was wondering if a standard SL500 antenna cap would fit and work on an SLK. The connection looks identical. Has anyone tried it? Does the SL500 have the center post just like the SLK antenna?



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This question was addressed in previous posts (you should be able to search for them).

I believe the answer was that the SLK radio does not have enough gain to work with an SL antenna mast, and needs the stronger signal from the longer SLK antenna mast. In other words, it'll look nicer but pick up fewer stations.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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