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Yesterday there was a G on ebay for only 19000 dollar. I do not know if somebody saw it. It was a red one with 22'' wheels on it. buy it now was 19000.

I've sent an e-mail to the seller and this is his answer :

Hello dear eBayer,

I am glad that you emailed me regarding the listing on eBay.
My name is Jason Newsted. I'm an US citizen but currently i work at the Italy office of my company. This has no negative effect on you because shipment is included in the buy it now price and will cost you nothing more besides the buy it now.

The car I am selling is bought from here 6 months ago from a dealer that sells imported US cars. So it is 100% compliant with US specs and can be registered right away. Recently I have offered a promotion from my company this meaning that I will have to spend another 3 years here and my wife wants to move here for good. This means that I have to get rid of the car because we need money to pay some expenses for our new home.

I listed it on eBay because I want to make the deal fast as i need money. What better place than ebay US???

So i have for sale a 2003 MERCEDES BENZ G500. I looks great and runs as well. Final price you'll have to pay is $19,000.

I will pay all shipping and delivery costs (they are included in the buy it now price).

I prefer that our deal to be supervised by eBay and Square Trade that is why i will put them notify you about my activity and our deal. eBay will assign an agent that will handle our transaction.

Please send me your full name and address so I let eBay know that you are interested and on my pre-approved list.

You will receive an email from them instructing you about how to send payment and they'll release the funds to me only after you receive and inspect the car.
I think that this is a fair way to make business and I hope that you will agree: I don't touch your money until you receive and inspect the goods.

Hoping that I have kept your attention and your interested is still on, I look forward for any questions that you might have regarding the car.

Jason Newsted

PS: hopping that you have bid in order to buy I have requested ebay to send you the invoice in order to speed things up a bit. You have all infos about the sale there

A LOT OF BLABLABLABLABLA.... I'm not gone touch this

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Yeah. Scam. I found an '03 E55 being sold much like this. Seller was said to be in UK. English was really bad.

The seller didn't think to post some random pics, but rather used pics of a car that was at the Greenwich dealership (at some point in time). I said that I could check it out since I live nearby. Her e-mails got more fuzzy, something about shipping. Nevertheless since her "husband died in Iraq" during military services, she was in a hurry to sell and set her reserve at $25K!

The auction got pulled by ebay. Perhaps it's your civic duty to alert ebay about this sale.


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Of course I saw it ... it was this one reposted at the $19k price:

I like the plate ... LNSHRKS

It looks like it was pulled by eBay already
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