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I'm the proud owner of a 2003 C32 AMG Orion Blue color with 118k miles on it, very well kept interior and mechanically. The outside has few bubble spots that i was going to restore but due to the paint of the car being very rare, i thought i'd see if i should sell the car or repair the paint spots and store it. It has few mods (pulley, exhaust and ecu) i believe it's around 375hp now. some nice cosmetic upgrade including grill, shift knob (carbon fiber amg), also include 4 oem rims in perfect condition with blizzak tires 80% on them. posted are few pictures of the car, first i want to know what's the best way to sell a car like this. I found out from mercedes that only 48 cars where made of this color and not one is on sale in the world right now. my options are:

1. restore the bubble paint and keep it (possibly store it for next 10-20 years)

2. sell it (which would really be my first choice as we're trying to upgrade to larger vehicle)

3. restore and then sell it (not sure if this will hurt or better the selling price and hesitant to do so)

if you pick sell, where is best place to sell it.

Thank you in advance.
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