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Hi All -

A little history -
I have a 2003 C240 RWD with 78k on it. It has been maintained on time by MB. My wife started to have issues with it and we took it in. They told us that they couldnt find anything wrong and even on a test drive. Her symptoms were almost a rough idle and it would jerk at times. Of course they said the computer wasnt giving them any good codes but they found that a module that plugs into the case was cracked and fluid was getting into it. They replaced the part and cleaned all of the fluid. The next time it was in the shop was because she was at a stop sign - went to accelerate and it would not engage into gear. She said she could smell something - got out and fluid was pouring from the underside of the car. It was also making a whining noise when it started to do this. I had it towed back to the shop and they told me it was more than likely the transmission was blown and that it would also need a new radiator. They told me this year has an issue with the radiator and coolant would leak into the trans and ruin it.

I read somewhere that sometimes you could get by with replacing the radiator and then flushing the trans and sometimes this is all it would take. I replaced the radiator yesterday and flushed the fluids. It was a pain to flush the trans. So today after I finished putting new fluids in it and took it on a test drive it seemed to run great, after about 10 miles it is almost as if it got hot and stopped going forward and started to make the whining noise she told me about. If I let it sit for a while it will let me drive it just fine. At this point we purchased a new car and I just wanted to get this going for my teenager but I need it to be reliable. I am wondering if the trans is gone? I was told it would cost at the dealer 6200 to replace the trans....The car is maybe worth 8k - So I would rather just get rid of it unless anyone here has some good ideas or things that could be wrong with it?

When I flushed the fluids from the trans I also wanted to make sure I got it out of the converter and that was messy.

Thank you
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