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Good afternoon team,
I have a weird problem that started after a replacement of the turn signal switch. I have a 2003 c240 4matic. Turn signals would not stay on when activating during a left or right turn. I could hold the switch and the signals would stay on then release and they turn off. I replaced the whole switch and the turn signals work, kinda. When I activate the left turn it’s requires a 1/2 turn with the steering wheel to turn the signal off when straightening out. When I activate to turn right it’s require more then a full turn of the wheel to do the same, sometimes more.
It is also physically more difficult to turn the wheel left or right. There seems to be a small portion that feels good, like 10degrees each way, then it gets harder to turn.
I also got an error about the “ESP not available”. And then it says to visit a shop. I can not manually turn it on and off with the button on the dash.
Everything seem to go as planned when removing and installing new. No extras parts..😁
things to note, when removing the steering wheel angle sensor I broke one of the tabs off. The tabs snap and engage on a groove on the steel steering shaft. When reassembling everything it seemed to go back ok and felt the same.
I am interested in your thoughts on this. I plan to remove everything again and reinspect things. But wanted to see if I should be looking for something specific. Is there a tool to remove the steering wheel angle sensor?

thanks everyone!
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