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2003 C240 body options

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What's up, I recently bought a 2003 C240 4Matic, its a 4 door sedan and its a great car but I dont care for the "soccer mom" look it has to it. I was wondering if the bumpers, side skirts etc. off the C230's will fit on my car? I like the C230 sport and kompressor body packages and I dont want to buy an aftermarket body kit as I like the stock look, any suggestions?:confused
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Yes, you can replace the bumpers and side skirts with the "sport" model. The only caveat is with the front bumper - if you use an OEM sport bumper, you need extra parts to attach it to a non-sport car. Instead, you might look at some aftermarket "sport style" bumpers as they are typically made to fit without the extra bracing. Of course by the time you pay for these part sand the body work to paint and install them, you could trade your car in and buy a year or two newer C230 sport.
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