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2003 c230 K a lemon ?

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Sorry for the double post but this topic was re-posted under the w203 c-class section


I am the owner of a 2003 C230 K. In October 09, after many trips to the service department I was informed that my car had a defective cylinder head. Mercedes paid for all the parts but I paid the labor ($2,000). Less then a year later, the check engine light comes back on. The car has only been driven 3,000 miles since the cylinder head was replaced. The dealer replaced a hose a sent me on my way.

A Few months later (the present), the car is stalling again. I nearly died on the expressway when the car totally cut off. I'm receiving ESP errors and I can't even drive the car to the dealer to see what the issue is. Although, I'm pretty sure it's the cylinder head again. At times, I've had to press the gas pedal to the floor and the car won't exhilarate at all. What can I do? Has my car been recalled for these issues? Will Mercedes buy back my car? It's totally unsafe, I have a 5yr old and I can't drive the car for fear of having an accident.
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Yes, I've taken the car back. I've had the valves replaced on my car about 3 times. the check engine light goes off for a few months and it's back on again.

By the way - I know my car doesn't technically quality as a lemon. I know the term lemon only refers to brand new cars. I simply meant is it a car that is know to have numerous issues. My check engine light has been coming on for the last 4 years and Mercedes replaces a hose reset a sensor and sends me on my way.
Also - I received a letter from Mercedes stating "its a high demand for my model of car, bring my car in and they will give me a good trade in value or buy it back completely". Maybe it's just a marketing scheme
well i cant really help unless i know what codes come up when the light comes on. also i highly doubt the dealer has replaced your valves in the head 3 times. replacing valves involves pulling the head and valves just dont go bad like that. i have yet to work on a car where a valve has been damaged. newer car that is.
I was told I had a bad valve which they claimed to have fixed a few years back. Then I was told that I had bad hoses which was causing something to misfire. When they replaced my cylinder header the SA said they gave me a valve job (whatever that means), but I will read the service records and let you know what all has been done. I've had the car since early 04 and the check engine light has come on every year for some reason or other. As far as the codes, I will have to ask my SA. I'm in the process of trying to locate a local shop (non-dealership) that specializes in foreign cars. Hopefully this will help.
its not the dealership thats the problem. dont blame a cel light on once a yr on the dealership. and a new cylinder heads doesnt require a valve job. it on requires you to seat the valves in the new head which can be done at the dealer. any tech can do it.
I know the issue is more with the car than the dealer. However, I do believe that the Mercedes service department should be a little bit more inept at repairing the actual problem.
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