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2002 Wagon Pics with 18" wheels and Yoko Tires

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Not bad for a family car??? I prefer this one over my M class and even my 2001 Vette. Things fit better. No rattles or cheap cup holders. I had the windows tinted, limo on the back glass. I'm running a speakerphone cradle from Sharper Image w/ my TimePort phone. Beats the $1500.00 dealer add-on. List price $129.00 The hands free works great and plugs right into the cig. lighter. It has a recorder for conversations built right in so you don't have to hunt around for pen while your cruising down the highway. Yoko tires handle great even in the rain. I noticed an imediate improvement in steering response without sacrificing the ride. See the pics and let me know what you think.
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PICS<br><br> <br><br> <br>
Re: 2002 Wagon Pics with 18

Nice pics.<br> <br> Just picked up my Brilliant Silver C-320 wagon last weekend. I'm currently seeking out Tint, Rims & Tires, etc. I might consider springs later.<br> <br> I was thinking about going with 18inch rims also. It looks like the wheel well can accomadate some pretty sizable rollers. Currently considering going with Brabus or Carlsson. I like Lorinser too but they don't really have anything new.

I get a lot of looks with the 18' wheels and low profile setup. The car is so destinctive already. I tinted the windows the 2nd day I had it. Driving at night I was blinded by headlights coming through the rear glass. I would like to drop the car a couple of inches too. My next purchase is a set of Kevlar brake pads. I have to clean the wheels about every 3 days. I try not too use my brakes too much, Ha Ha.
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