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2002 SL500 - Climate Control

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Hi All,

Picked up a 2002 SL500 on Satuday...loving it obviously! But I have 2 problems at the moment, hopefully both pretty straight forward so any advice would be great!

The climate control seems to be playing up, the drivers side only pumps hot air and the passenger only cold - no matter what setting the controls are on. I'm guessing a sensor or valve error somewhere maybe but seen a lot of people referring to software codes?

Also the CD changer comes up with fauly/ missing magazine so doesn't work. I've looked and the cartridge is actually Kenwood, but it doesn't feel like it fits very well in the slot (moves a little side to side), its also doesn't eject properly - you can hear it release the machanism but it doesn't come out...any idea what this might be and easiest fix?

Thanks all