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Hi there!
I have a question, what I'm not sure about..
My 2002 (facelift already, but 2002/12 - pre-DVD model) is giving a "kick" on the front when I'm accelerating harder and release the gas pedal fast. It sounds and feels like I'm going into a road bump with the first tires only. This happens at slower speeds and faster speeds.
What could be the cause for this problem?
A merz service guy told me I need to repair or replace the transmission.. But that shifts smoothly, never had any problems or safe mode or anything while shifting. Not a noise or anything.
And the problem comes without the transmission shifting, so why would it be the tranny? It comes when I release the gas pedal from a heavier acceleration.
If I release the pedal slowly, there is no kicking or no sound..

Any guesses? Any of you had the same problem before?
Thanks for your help!
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