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2002 Mercedes ML500
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Informational - Hope this helps someone who may have this issue.....

My 2002 ML500 began overheating one day and when I opened the hood, I noticed the fan was not working. On top of that my coolant level light on the dash was on but the coolant tank was full of antifreeze. At first I thought the two issues were separate, so I chose to try to repair the fan issue first. I panicked when I found out the cost of replacing the fan was over $800. So I began looking at other possibilities as to why the fan was not working so I googled the problem and located a forum that mentioned checking a fuse located on positive battery terminal(pictures below). When I checked mine, I noticed it was blown. So I took the fuse off(which was very easy, by removing the red nut) and took it to the local Mercedes parts place to show them and get a new one. It cost $34. I came home and put the new fuse on and not only did my fan start working but my coolant level light went off too.

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