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2002 Kompressor, 55k, $11k

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I'm new to the Mercedes world, I have a 2005 mazda3 but I need to lower my payments (moving in with fiance, dad cut me off, I'm a full time student and I work 40 hrs a week so yeah, need help lol) I know nothing about Mercedes, besides that I love them and they are great cars, but I found a really nice red Kompressor, 2002 for roughly $11k. It has 55k miles. I need to know what I should be looking for - are they reliable? how much am I looking at for repairs if needed?? Anyway to tell if something is wrong with it? Like I said, I am self sufficient and this car payment would be less, but if its gonna end up costing me more in repairs I'd rather pass as much as I love this car. I just cant afford to put myself in a negative situation... Anyone experienced with this, I really would like some advice or help.. Thanks so much in advance!! :)
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If you are looking to lower your payments then stick with your Mazda. When you factor in the continuing repair costs associated with a low quality C class (02 was a VERY bad year for the C), shop time billed at $80-150/hour, and just plain bad build quality, you will be very disappointed with the car. The Mazda3 is a good car for the price. Stay with it. Its no less than 10 times more reliable then an 02 krapressor.
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