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Greetings Everyone!

I'm new to BenzWorld and have been having Directional Indicator troubles with our 2002 CL 230 Kompressor Sport Coupe which we bought as a Star Certified used car in 2007. Unfortunately, the Left directional "failure to operate" has now become intermittent and unreliable (strangely, it will work reliably on occasion but we never know when!!) AND the windscreen wiper and washer system is NEVER inoperative when the Left directional indicator failure occurs. Also, the four way hazard warning flasher system ALWAYS operates in all six bulb locations (bulbs on both side view mirrors and the front/rear headlight/taillight indicators) even when the Left directional indicator fails to operate. The Right directional on our car ALWAYS operates.

Perhaps connected to the problem: Many years ago, a mechanic cut into our cars wiring loom near the Left Headlight to "bypass" a damaged Left Front Directional Indicator bulb holder/socket which stopped the Left Directional indicator from working. That repair operated for more than a few years without trouble and saved us buying a new Left Headlight Assembly and new Bulb holder while on a road trip quite far from home. Then some years later the intermittent Left directional indicator failure began.
I'm reluctant to invest in a new Directional Indicator-Windscreen Washer-Wiper System Module at this time but am leaning toward sourcing a new or good used Left Front headlight and a new Bulb Holder and restoring the electrics back to stock. Has anyone had this type of trouble? Any suggestions are appreciated.



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