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I am seeking some advice please.

I replaced a deployed driver airbag in my 04/2002 C200 Kompressor (the early model) and the replacement horn pad had a different connector as it came from my other car which has the later model contact unit.

So, I changed the circuit boards and replaced one of the switches whilst it was apart, and an auto electrician checked it. It now has a replacement steering angle sensor and airbag, but when I touch the horn pad, the display on the instrument cluster changes, and the functions of the switches are reversed.

Would this have anything to do with an aftermarket stereo with CANBUS being installed, which is not happening for the other Mercedes we have (same model), or do the replacement switches (including horn function) require reprogramming, or can I safely assume that the circuit board, or horn circuit was damaged when the airbag deployed?

It looks like I need to buy a complete horn pad.

Thank you.

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Well, from what I've heard anytime you mess with anything that involves can bus and the fiber optics system the car has to be coded with the STAR computer program which your electronics guy may or may not have on his computer. In other words if you changed the circuit board the car may not know its there until you "wake it up" with STAR. When I upgraded to COMAND on my CLK the steering wheel controls for the radio and the MFD in the instrument cluster for the audio/navi would not work. I took it to my dealer and VOILA! $100 later everything worked.

That would be my guess. Now I will tell you that if you replaced the airbag and circuit board with one that is from a different model car (you did say the plug was different) they may not be able to wake it up with star. The COMAND from my other car was from a different model (it fit and worked fine) and STAR could not (or would not!) wake it up because even though it was the same unit as what an e class uses, since it had a different part number STAR refused to wake it up. (Damn thing is smarter than I am I guess!)

So I'd take it to a dealer, or someone with STAR and try to code it and wake it up. If they can't then you know it's the wrong part and will have to be changed to get it to work.

Good luck!
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