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2003 C320
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Hi newbie here from NC,
My 2002 C320 will not start. Was running great until it sat for a week. All lights , windows as well as everything works but will not engage starter. Can't get it out of park as well.
It has a new battery showing 12.7 amps and was starting fine now it seems the inferred key isn't being read. All fuses have been checked in all areas. Is there a way to trick the antenna system for the inferred key or a bypass method. Thanks any advised would be appreciated.

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If the key works in the ignition switch to turn it, then the key is being recognized. If not, then you may have a bad key or bad ignition switch. Try your spare key.

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What he said.

Do you have foot on brake when trying to get out of park?

The battery reading is in Volts, not Amps, they measure different things.

Infra-red part is used to do the "windows down" at close range to door handle. Does it still unlock doors or no?

From a distance it is RF.

Do you have a spare?
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