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500SEC (560 Euro-spec) , 190E 2.6, W-124 E320, W-124 300CE(560 Euro-Spec EFI Eng),CLK55 AMG
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Hi All, I've just bought a damaged 2001 w208 clk55 with 37000klm at auction.
Apparently the car had been "stolen" & dumped. When recovered the two front seats are missing as well as the ECU.
Mercedes tells me the ECU in these cars are VIN specific so along with the ECU I will also need the Ignition Module & Key along with the VIN from the car they came from in order for Mercedes to re-programme.
I know its a tall order but I figure its worth a try.
If I can't find used components I'll have to go new from factory.
With the front seats I need the complete units.
Any assistance would be much appreciated---------Cheers John.
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