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2001 SLK230 Kompressor supercharger

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Good day, this question is for the mechanic types out there. Can anyone tell me or post in this thread the air flow path through the super charger while at idle and under boost? Also, I know there is a "flapper" valve that operates at the full boost mode how or when does that come into play.

Here is my thought. I have never owned a Benz and might not. I have a 83 Jeep Cherokee (last of the big ones) that I have built a 4.7 stroker straight 6 motor for. I am still trying to see if I can get better than V8 power. I was thinking of a turbo but this brick is not made to get to the higher RPMs. Then I thought of superchargers, and started looking. Please don't suggest that I go to an after market supercharger place for Jeeps and get one. I do not do that, I like to build my own Frankenstein stuff.

Anyway, I was looking on Fleabay and saw a Benze supercharger that had like an a/c compressor clutch system on the pulley and that is was lead me to really start looking at Benze superchargers. When I was diving deeper, I saw that folks maybe, did not like the clutch system or, that there were too many issues with it, ergo the supercharger in the title line.

Thing is, while I have been looking at the Benze chargers, I have yet to find a write up or diagram on the airflow path with the supercharger.

I'm not looking for huge amounts of boost, maybe like 6-8 lbs max, so if these superchargers put out more than that I would need to have a blow off valve someplace. As far as a "flapper valve" I was thinking of getting a generic one and maybe link it mechanically to the throttle cable so when the throttle opens, the flapper valve closes the bypass and the boost goes through the inter-cooler and into the intake.

thoughts, help, questions welcome.
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Which model did the MB supercharger come off of?
They don't for an inline 6.

They do for the the 4 bangers.
Seeing as you are doing a custom job to force feed the engine I wish I knew how to help. You are going into rarely chartered territory.
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