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Need some higher order help with our 2001 ML55 with following issues:
1) No reading at OBD port, completely dead
2) SOS went on without pushing
3) Radio came on suddenly when trying to lock car using key in door tumbler (cant recall if I shut it down with radio on)
4) Seems to have developed a longer cranking hard starting issue where car starts fine when cold and then has issues with longer cranking on restarts when warm (its winter)
5) Interior lights suddenly refuse to come on when door is opened however instrument panel mileage etc comes on when either passenger or driver door opened, signifying car recognizes door opening.
6) Dont forget this is PRE-SAM so its not the sam.
Also, I took the ECM out from next to the engine bay fuse box and it was spectacularly clean and non corroded so while it could be failing its not bc of corrosion.

Thanks all,

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On the SOS issue, however, be aware of the other issues connected to this.

Crank, no start issue; could be your CPS.

Interior lights:
To verify, the overhead switch wasn't bumped (or turned off) into the OFF position?
Do the dome lights work if you tap them in the front and rear?
The cargo area light? Nothing - when you move the 3 way switch?

Fuse 13, I believe is for your interior lights.

Is your horn working?

For ODB port issue:
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