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2001 Lexus IS300 Vs. 96 S320

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Recently, i had an opertunity to sit in my boss's is300, whom he calls "the baddest bad [email protected] car on the street". Ok, before i begin, i can tell you one thing, i consider lexus cars to be modified corollas.

IS300 has everything u need to make it look like vin disels "fast and the furious rice car" It has cheap looking dial, multi colored dash, lights inside head lights, lights inside tail lights. Apart from all this, it has a very weak "porsche" style streptronic shift.

Yes this car does make good high-speed turns, but agian, a small car with a in-line 6 engine and a tight suspension can do it without a problem.

So far, this guy had numerous problems in the engine, from grinding noises to a fuel pump replacement, in a car that has less than 25K miles and less than 3 years old.

My overall idea of an is300 is: Its a great car, and it will look more cool, if you are type to put neon lights under the chasis. I dont like to look down upon things, but ladies and gentelmen, lexus's are not my type of vehicles.

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A Toyota VS. an MB?-Are Ya Kidding?

If you are referring that the IS300 is like a modified Corolla, its because it is one! Lexus is really Toyota! Infinity is really Nissan! Acura is really Honda! I'm so sick of these Japanese cars hiding their real brand names! They are not even good names! I mean what kind of name is Lexus!?? Where did they get that idea? Did they think 'Lexus' sounds 'Luxurious'-get it? The bottom line is a Lexus or any other of these other wannabe cars are not even worth the time to be compared to a Mercedes. That's problem, so many of these cars have been put in the same category because they are simply deemed 'luxury' cars. But we know better.

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Try to compare a 2002 LS430 to a 1994 S500

That would be a better comparison. Lexus may have a chance then. The IS Lexus can't even compare with the C Class, much less the E, or S Class[:D]
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